Emmanuel T.,CanaGuide
Emmanuel T.
What a great idea that this sailing school on the south shore on a beautiful site always windy. Super day camps for children!
Martin S.,CanaGuide
Martin S.
Super concept, sailing on the St. Lawrence while facilitating access to the water for all.
MoOsE M.,CanaGuide
MoOsE M.
Great insteuctors and friendly experience!
A H.,CanaGuide
A H.
Beautiful place
Nenad T.,CanaGuide
Nenad T.
If you love boats,or you own one, its going to be your second home
Omar E.,CanaGuide
Omar E.
Julien was a gentleman and helped us out even though we were just anchored on the small bay. Access to washrooms that were very clean and spacioud and the members were super friendly

Yacht Club de Montreal

  • Montréal, QC

  • Plaisance
  • Marina
  • Location de bateau
  • 4.5
  • 42 notes
Aaron K.,CanaGuide
Aaron K.
Stunning location
Katherina M.,CanaGuide
Katherina M.
We are VIP members there since 2017 and the staff is incredible! Beware that there is no pump out of the boat on weekends if you don’t have this status. Overall, we only have good things to say about the quai itself. We enjoy spectacular views of the city and the St. Lawrence ...
Mériem C.,CanaGuide
Mériem C.
We are member there for the second year and the staff is incredible. Only good things to say about them and the place itself.

Sailing School Premier Vent

  • Montréal, QC
École de voile PREMIER VENT, cours de voile � Montréal, Valleyfield, lac St-François, Montérégie, Québec, formation et cours d'entretien de moteurs diesel marins

  • 5
  • 40 notes
Elyse P.,CanaGuide
Elyse P.
A few years ago I followed the marine diesel engine course with Pierre of Premier Vent. It was a fun, hands on course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Premier Vent now also offers a marine electrical course. It was as much fun for me as the diesel course. It is possible to learn te...
Équipe S.,CanaGuide
Équipe S.
I took courses Diesel mechanics and marine electricity at the FIRST VENT school of Pierre-Valéry and Richard. These two courses are in my opinion essential to all those who own a boat or who think to acquire one. The material is concise, the court plan is always respected and th...
Jonathan A.,CanaGuide
Jonathan A.
I took the beginner course with my sister, Pierre was a great teacher. He explanations where clear and he made sure the information was well understood. I learned lots during the course and now feel more confident with decision to take up sailing. Highlights: The teacher (Pierre...

McGill University

  • Montréal, QC

  • Plaisance
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Aviron
  • Concert
  • 4.5
  • 819 notes
Jonathan L.,CanaGuide
Jonathan L.
Good university with a great international reputation. Great professors and lecturers. The campus is beautiful, especially with the architecture. It is also conveniently situated in downtown Montreal, walking distance to Peel and McGill metro stations.
Saurav S.,CanaGuide
Saurav S.
Hogwarts of Montreal. ❤️🤩
Livia K.,CanaGuide
Livia K.
stayed at this hostel for a week on my most recent trip to montreal. 10/10 would recommend. only down side was the weird local homeless man (nathan?) who would wander in and take film photos of me while i ate my meals.
Matthijs D.,CanaGuide
Matthijs D.
Amazing place. Highly recommend for any sailing lovers and friends
Taran K.,CanaGuide
Taran K.
Came for Reggie Watts, stayed for Leonard Cohen. Amazing pizza, this place should really think about getting a publicist - contact the chef (sometimes) Nathan for more info.

Center Marine Des Blanchons

  • Montréal, QC
Le Centre Marin des Blanchons est une école de voile croisière sans but lucratif fondée en 1976. Notre mission est de rendre accessible au plus grand nombre de persos la navigation, la voile et de tout ce qui l'entoure, notamment la m

  • 5
  • 2 notes
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