Lamont Rodeo Grounds

  • Township Rd 552, Lamont
Fun family entertainment with the Lamont Agricultural Society in Alberta. -Bullarama Supreme -Summer Sizzler Rodeo -Volunteers

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Northlands Ice Coliseum

  • Edmonton, AB
DescriptionNorthlands Coliseum, or simply the Coliseum, is a now-unused indoor arena located in Edmonton, Alberta, situated on the north side of Northlands. It was used for sports events and concerts, and was home to the Edmonton Oilers of the National Ho

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  • Hockey sur glace
  • Concert
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  • Edmonton, AB
Northlands brings to Edmonton: K-Days, Farmfair International, Northlands Urban Farm, education programs and events that cultivate excitement since 1879.

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  • Cricket
  • Parc d'expositions
  • Casino
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Way R.,CanaGuide
Way R.
Too much rain

Edmonton EXPO Centre

  • Edmonton, AB
DescriptionThe Edmonton Expo Centre, formerly the Northlands AgriCom and also known as the Edmonton Exposition and Conference Centre is a multi-purpose convention centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

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  • Centre des Congrès
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