O Sup Shop

  • Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
OBNL - pour mission de donner accès aux embarcations à pagaie en location. Location planches à pagaie Location Kayaks simple et double Location canots

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  • Saint-Mathieu, QC
Kayak4life is a warehouse boutique on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, selling, buying and exchanging all things kayak-related. You can find both new and used kayaks and all sorts of accessories here.

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Cedric G.,CanaGuide
Cedric G.
Great service. Good paddle and kayak equipment. Very available and super friendly. Thank you! A true kayaking enthusiast as I love him !!!
gabriel l.,CanaGuide
gabriel l.
Good service with good advice and quality equipment. Thank you
Hubert P.,CanaGuide
Hubert P.
Achat mon premier kayak d'eau vive, j'ai eu la chance d'être conseillé par Charley très sympathique !! Client satisfait

Nautical Center Poseidon Location De Seadoo Chambly

  • Chambly, QC
Location de Motomarine, Sea-doo, Kayak, Paddle-board, Chaloupe, Ponton & Bateau à Chambly (Rive-sud)

  • Canoé & Kayak
  • Location de bateau
  • 3.4
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Leiby D.,CanaGuide
Leiby D.
Had a great experience
Taylor B.,CanaGuide
Taylor B.
Friendly customer service at the main desk (forgiving of my difficulties speaking French) and a super friendly and helpful guy working at the kayak shack. Rented a fishing kayak for 4 hours and wish I could've stayed out longer! Plenty of storage space in the kayak, but it's not ...

Water sports Gervais Désourdy

  • Chambly, QC

  • Canoé & Kayak
  • Location de bateau
  • 4.4
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Carmen L.,CanaGuide
Carmen L.
Beautiful lac with the view of the mountain. There is pleinty of aquatic activities like, kayaking, stand up paddle, canooing, seadoo, water paddling, etc. On top of that, there is some good restaurants with good food and service. A must place to go
iman v.,CanaGuide
iman v.
Nice staffs, helpful and patient. Clean place with good prices and good boats. Lake is not that clean and quiet but good place for an hour kayak. Make sure have reservations!
Jocelyn V.,CanaGuide
Jocelyn V.
Nice selection of kayaks. Friendly service.
Canadian K.,CanaGuide
Canadian K.
What a pleasure of the past for a visit to the store. Super good service and advice. Thanks everyone! 😊
Francois A.,CanaGuide
Francois A.
5 STARS: 20 years ago I purchased 2 kayaks from Boreal Design, these kayaks have been all over the north east, off the coast of Labrador, Newfoundland, Lake Ontario, the Thousand Islands, le Parc Du Bic, the Adirondacks, Algonquin Park, Saguenay Fjords... in calm waters, major cu...
George M.,CanaGuide
George M.
Boutique like easily accessed location with parking. Nice variety of accessories for kayaking. Very helpful knowledgeable staff.

Canoe & Co - kayak, canoe, SUP rental and excursions

  • Sutton, QC
Canoe & Co. offre des excursions de Canoe et Kayak sur la Riviére Missisquoi à Glen Sutton une ville charmantes des Canton-de-l’Est ...

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Imen A.,CanaGuide
Imen A.
Loved the experience! Beautiful views except for the part that's close to the dirt bikes track! It gets so dusty and noisy around there
Jonathan L.,CanaGuide
Jonathan L.
3rd time there, love it but one of the staff members is a big meanie, it doesn't completely ruins the experience but he was complaining about late customers in front of everybody. He also made passive aggressive comments to my girlfriend about having a bit of water in her kayak.
Léa A.,CanaGuide
Léa A.
Had a Very nice time and they did manage to bring us with a shuttle even if they where fully booked. Really appreciated their services. The river is very nice and quiet. I hightly recommand this place.

LPA Service Inc

  • Shefford, QC
Kayak LPA Service

  • 4.8
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Annick D.,CanaGuide
Annick D.
Welcoming people, great service, good quality of products, I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy a kayak.
Joe L.,CanaGuide
Joe L.
Great spot good choice and very fair pricing.One for few places where you can test your kayak in their pond. Highly recommend.
Marc A.,CanaGuide
Marc A.
Small family place. Very competitive price
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