EPIC Center of the Montreal Heart Institute

  • Montréal, QC
Activité physique et médecine préventive. Rattaché à l’Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal, le Centre ÉPIC contribue à la promotion de la santé et à l’acquisition de saines

  • 4.7
  • 179 notes
George G.,CanaGuide
George G.
Good services, healthcare professional on llace
Happy g.,CanaGuide
Happy g.
I thank the staff there for their kindness and the excellent service they give to the patients! Keep up the great work!! You are an awesome team!!
Paul M.,CanaGuide
Paul M.
Specialized center affiliated to the Montreal Heart Institute

United Gym

  • Saint-Léonard, QC

  • 4
  • 175 notes
Love the gym and the staff, they are very friendly and polite. Very spacious and good equipment. Love the classes as well, specially by Annie and Vince. Love them.
Giuliano C.,CanaGuide
Giuliano C.
Really like the old school vibes
Monica C.,CanaGuide
Monica C.
Really don't know why there's so many negative reviews... This is a good, nice gym and you can find everything you need to train here. They even offer courses throughout the day , which most gyms don't. Definitely worth your money in my opinion.

Gym Fit Forme

  • Montréal, QC
Gym Fitforme désire vous encourager à l'entraînement régulier!

  • 4.5
  • 147 notes
Allan C.,CanaGuide
Allan C.
Well maintained!Great equipments to choose from.Always come out feeling like I've been pushed mentally and physically and always feel fantastic for the rest of the day!
Eliana B.,CanaGuide
Eliana B.
This gym is clean and the staff is super nice. 10/10
Great gym, spacious and clean. Covid measures put into place so that you're comfortable training.
Elouardi H.,CanaGuide
Elouardi H.
The Physiotherapist Ms. Myriam Drouin is very professional I advise you to take a tour
Francois C.,CanaGuide
Francois C.
Best Gym! The coaches are great and the equipment top notch! We have loved this gym for 5 years! Thanks thanks!
JF T.,CanaGuide
Great box with experienced trainers and great group spirit.

New Life Fitness

  • Anjou, QC
Centre de Conditionnement NEW LIFE Fitness

  • 4.6
  • 27 notes
Assunta M.,CanaGuide
Assunta M.
Finally found a place fit for me!! Love the fact that there are no machines!! All classes I enjoy very much, spinning, kickboxing, bootcamp and more. The staff is amazing, always there to help you and I have made friends along the way!! You want to get fit, this is the place to j...
Dimitri K.,CanaGuide
Dimitri K.
Very friendly people,they help you and encourage you all the way and some. If you follow it you will lose the weight you want and learn a new way of life.This place is simply AMAZING.You will look great,feel great and you will have made amazing friends for life along your journey...
Nick D.,CanaGuide
Nick D.
The place where you achieve your goals no matter what they are .... to lose weight, tone up, stay in shape, build muscle.... it's the place to be ! And it's done Frank's way!
Adoria P.,CanaGuide
Adoria P.
If your looking for a gym community, look no further. Centre Entrainment SOFIT is the gym for you. All genders are welcome, its affordable, plenty of classes to choose from, spacious, clean, tons of new equipment to play with, bistro cafe (best protein shakes and espressofit). Bu...
Amanda B.,CanaGuide
Amanda B.
Absolutely love the ambiance. The owner Sofia, is very energetic & sweet. The gym itself is very nice as well, has everything you need... (missing a leg press though. But they do have other things that the typical gyms don’t have which makes up the leg press) There are several ...
Connie I.,CanaGuide
Connie I.
My trainer is aware of my personal goals and works very hard in designing my workout sessions to meet my objectives. I am very satisfied with the results I have been seeing to date. What I love about SOFIT is that when I say, ''No, I can't do it!'' she will say, ''Yes, you can!'...

Squad-Gym Tetreaultville

  • Montréal, QC
Découvrez comment le logiciel de gestion FLiiP est maintenant le nouveau choix primé des centres sportifs, yoga, et autres domaines du santé bien-être à travers Canada, et comment il permet de faire évoluer les ent

  • 4.6
  • 15 notes
Éloïse P.,CanaGuide
Éloïse P.
The atmosphere is great. Every day it is a different training and the coach is super encouraging.
Lucie G.,CanaGuide
Lucie G.
Well, workout to your measure. Very good atmosphere
Lyne C.,CanaGuide
Lyne C.
Professional staff who adapt to ALL levels. WELL DONE
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