Club Hockey Panthères De St-Jérôme

  • Saint-Jérôme, Quebec
Consultez toutes les nouvelles, photos et statistiques, encouragez la relève en joignant notre communauté et en suivant les Panthères de Saint-Jérôme.

  • 4.3
  • 4 notes
Dominic B.,CanaGuide
Dominic B.
Really a great experience spent there with family !!! Thank you
Elodie M.,CanaGuide
Elodie M.
Exciting hockey game! Tickets are not expensive so you can get closer to the action. The mascot is a hit with kids. There is a shuttle for those using the parking lot that is further away. Not very big arena.
Jonathan L.,CanaGuide
Jonathan L.
Amazing atmosphere. Admiral known to raise the Party !!

Figure Skating Club The Silver Blades Laval

  • Laval, QC
Club de patinage offrant des cours pour les enfants de 3 ans et plus à Laval. Des cours sont offerts pour les débutants et les patineurs avancés. Nous offrons les programmes suivants: - Patinage Plus - Patinage STAR - Patinage de Compétition -...  More

  • 4.3
  • 12 notes

Arena Guimond

  • Laval, QC

  • Patinage
  • Hockey sur glace
  • 4.6
  • 93 notes
Maria B.,CanaGuide
Maria B.
Clean and there is some good spots above the arena to watch without being cold!
Massimo D.,CanaGuide
Massimo D.
Clean, new easy to get to arena on the 440 east. 2 small rinks for 3/3 and one big rink for 5/5 hockey. There are often cops on the service road, so watch your speed limit when you get off the highway. The pro-shop and the bar often close early so make sure to call in advance if ...
Clean (for an areana) and good ice
Al C.,CanaGuide
Al C.
What a complex.... outstanding ice venue... The only thing is to not pay attention to the way google tells you to get in. IT IS WRONG ... Stay on the autoroute and you get in from there. Otherwise great place.
Alexis L.,CanaGuide
Alexis L.
Modern installations with pretty much everything you need for playing hockey. Room service for drinks after the game. The ice has always been good there from my experience. I've heard some complaints on the skate sharpening service there but I've started to sharpen my skates the...
Jonas N.,CanaGuide
Jonas N.
nice skating experience, it was great, nostalgia from when I was still in a team
Jari V.,CanaGuide
Jari V.
Leading Ice-hockey training center in Quebec Canada. They have a strong building process of Ice-hockey training center.
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